Clinical uptake of stereotactic laser interstitial thermal therapy


  • Adoption of stereotactic laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT) for tumor reduction in neuro-oncological indications is growing rapidly, but still accounts for a very small minority of patients compared to those receiving conventional craniotomy.

Why this matters

  • Uptake of new technologies is an essential component of advancing healthcare, exemplified by the adoption of magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography techniques that now underpin modern neurosurgical care.

  • LITT is an innovative neurosurgical technique which uses a fiber optic probe to induce hyperthermia of an abnormal target, such as a tumor, resulting in thermal ablation and reduction of the tumor mass. It is minimally invasive and provides access to tumors that are difficult to reach with standard craniotomy.

  • Investigating the speed and characteristics of LITT uptake is important to understanding how novel technologies diffuse into the healthcare system.